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Economic Indicators

This dashboard presents monthly key indicators published by the Puerto Rico Planning Board. It is composed of icons that present a graphic summary of several important indicators on the economy of Puerto Rico.

Research and analyze of social-economic indicators in Puerto Rico

With this Economic Indicator Dashboard the user can generate presentations with data sources of social-economic indicators in Puerto Rico. The Green (up) or red (down) arrows indicate whether the last movement of the indicator increased or decreased. Next to the indicator units (“dollars” or “bags”) it is indicated with a “Y”, “Q” or “M” if the indicator is annual, quarterly or monthly

In the graphs section, the user can select different indicators related to the topic by clicking on the box to the right of the word “Indicator”. In “Trend” on the left side of each graph the user can see the data for 1, 5, 10 years and more. Also, the user will be able to “zoom” and observe that period in more detail.

  • All the indicators in the time series section of this dashboard are published by the Puerto Rico Planning Board. The user will find indicators of job, Inflation, Retail sales, living place, sightseeing, Electric Power Production, Transportation, Foreign trade, Tax Income, Bankruptcies, Economic growth index and GNP growth of Puerto Rico.
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